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Giving Tuesday: 4 Ways to Support Pet-Related Organizations

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National Day of Giving, also known as “Giving Tuesday,” takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving—making it November 28 this year. The focus of this annual day is giving back to your local community, and the organizations focused on the causes that matter most to you. It’s honored this time of year because of the giving nature of the holiday season when most people are thinking about bringing joy to others and closing out their year in a positive way.

Giving Tuesday is a significant day in the world of pets, with pet rescues, shelters, and other animal-focused organizations receiving generous support and contributions. Following are four ways you can honor your pets by dedicating your Giving Tuesday efforts to an organization that has their best interests at heart.

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Shelter Donations

Animal shelters are nonprofit organizations that often struggle financially, making it difficult to maintain an environment that serves the needs of the pets in their care. They are consistently in need of various items, as well as monetary donations, to help cover their operating expenses. As with any physical business location, shelters incur costs that many pet owners and community members don’t think about, such as rent, utilities, cleaning, and office supplies. On Giving Tuesday, consider donating money or supplies to your local animal shelter.

Supplies needed by animal shelters include:

  • Cat or dog food
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Cat litter
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Pet beds
  • Pet Toys
  • Pet treats

The Gift of Time

Pets that are living in shelters are lonely and missing human companionship. Many of them were accustomed to living with people in the comfort of a home and were robbed of those connections when surrendered to the shelter. In other circumstances, pets were neglected and desperately in need of love and affection. While shelter workers do their best to give each pet

their time and attention, they welcome volunteers to spend time with the animals in their care and provide human contact. Reach out to your local animal shelters and rescues about their volunteer policies and the best times to visit the animals.

Sweet dog with volunteer at shelter.

Volunteer at the ASPCA

Volunteering at the ASPCA is another meaningful way to spend Giving Tuesday (or any other "ordinary day)! They are always in need of shelter support—a role that supports their organization by helping with everyday tasks that ensure the well-being of their animals, as well as operational needs at their New York City location. Tasks that volunteers assist with include laundry, cage cleaning, stocking supplies, and more. If you are located in the New York City area, learn more about volunteering at the ASPCA.

Donate to the Animal Legal Defense Fund

Animal Legal Defense Fund has been operating since 1979 and serves as the legal voice for animals. Their efforts are focused on fighting animal cruelty through high-impact lawsuits, ensuring animal protection legislation, and serving as a catalyst to advance the field of animal law. They serve the needs of all animals—large and small—and will match any donations made in honor of Giving Tuesday. Learn more about how to donate to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

To learn more about Giving Tuesday and the various ways this day can benefit pets, contact your local veterinarian.

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