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Veterinary Assistant

Started Working at Ancare: 2023

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Educational Background: Rockford Career College, Illinois Valley Community College

About Me: I have 4 cats. I have a house cat named Iggy, 2 barn cats named Nelson and Jerry, and a shop cat named Earl. 

Favorite thing about my job: I love hearing clients talk about their pets and all their funny stories. I also really love that our hospital offers so many amazing services that you cannot find anywhere else in our area. Our doctors are amazing at what they do and I love working with so many intelligent and caring people!

Special Interests: I really enjoy golfing, drawing, playing video games and spending time with my family and pets. 

Fun Facts: I am a cat person (mostly) but my favorite dog breed is miniature schnauzers. Growing up, my family only adopted schnauzers, and I have loved them ever since! My family owns a golf course and a towing business. I played piano for 7 years. 

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