Kennel Assistant

Started Working at Ancare: April 21, 2020

Educational Background: Currently studying at Illinois Valley Community College

About Me: Ever since I was young, I have loved animals and am so excited to come to work because I absolutely love it. When I am not working, I am usually spending time with my family. They are my number one fans and I don’t know what I would do without them! Some of my hobbies are hiking and photography.

My Pet's: I sadly do not have any pets, but I treat each and every patient as my own! I love them all to pieces! One day I plan on adopting a pup of my own!

Favorite Thing About My Job: I have always loved animals and I love being able to make them feel better. Being able to make all of our patients happy and safe is one of my favorite things. I love when our patients are so excited to see us! It makes my heart so happy! Also, my coworkers make work a blast, too!

Hidden Talent or Something Unique: I am a great cook when it comes to making pasta! I love pasta! I am horrible at baking, though.