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Veterinary Assistant

Education: High School Diploma, 2 years at Illinois Central College and currently in the Veterinary Technician Program through Penn Foster.

Hobbies / Special Interests: Anything outdoors or with animals. I enjoy hiking, rock climbing and spending time with my boyfriend, Chase on our little acreage with our 3 dogs and 3 lizards.

Pets: Elias, Evie and Eiko are our 4 year old pit/lab/terrier mixes. Randal, Rango, and Remy are our lizards...2 geckos and an anole.

Why I love my job: I love working with animals, giving them love and helping give the best care possible. I love learning about animals and seeing all of their individual personalities. I love my job because we provide amazing care to so many animals and have the best veterinary team.

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