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Started Working at Ancare: October 2019

Educational Background: High School Graduate/Finishing a Modern Real Estate course

About Me: Hi my name is Payton and I am currently a receptionist here at Ancare Veterinary Hospital. My goal here is to provide clients and patients the best trust and service possible. A few things I would like you to know about me is that I love animals, traveling, and doing anything that involves the outdoors! My goal one day is to travel around the entire world and hopefully get to experience many different cultures and species! I also love to workout, swim, try new foods, and hangout with my family!

My Pet's: Lily, Coco, Mia, Kitty, & Bub

Favorite Thing About My Job: My favorite thing about my job Is that I get greeted with licks and kisses everyday by the best patients!

Hidden Talent or Something Unique: Something unique about me is that I am able to do many different acrobatic things with my body such as backflips, splits, front flips, and more!

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